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Structural Bodywork

Structural Bodywork uniquely takes structural scale and positioning of bones into consideration. When the fascial matrix is made to allow space for structure and function, the body can mechanically work the way it was designed. Releasing pain and restriction is an incredible gift to give ourselves and our clients.

Somatic Psychology

The mystery of how the body heals is unlocked as we bring conscious awareness to the sensations associated with suffering and unravel the wisdom they hold. Pairing Somatics with body work assists clients with recognizing why they are holding onto the issues in their tissues to alchemize pain into freedom.

Movement Education

Clients keep what they've earned by embodying movement patterns that support long-term health through moving in alignment and harmony with the world around them. When an individual learns to move this way, the body maintains new expression. Movement is the context of this work.

Hellerwork Structural Integration sessions and series is the best way to realign & transform the body and release traumas and tension patterns that contribute to pain and suffering.

The exciting new world of fascial research, combined with body mind medicine and somatic psychology are all part of a new opportunity that each of us has to transform our whole relationship with our bodies.  This allows not only our physical structures to change and improve, but also clarifies the perceptual lens through which we look- what we perceive through  this lens creates our body image and in part, our self image.

Embodiment is the union of the Soul and the body.  Clearly these two elements come together and work together as long as we are alive, and separate at the moment of death.  While we are here, living our lives, we have an opportunity to get to know both our Soul and our body, and if that is not what we are doing here, than what are we really doing here?  I invite you to consider that we are not simply Souls with bodies, having a human experience, we are Souls with bodies, having and using the human experience to grow and evolve.  Embodiment is really about committing to being here fully, and living our lives with full participation and a sense of adventure. Helen Keller said, "Life is a bold adventure or it's nothing". Embodiment is an initiation into fully being alive, and I invite you to to commit and Embody 365!

Introduction to Hellerwork seminars, Ergonomic seminars for corporations and groups that have proven to reduce injuries and increase productivity, Hellerwork Trainings for a career in this amazing field, my books Align for Life and The Body Mastery System, Information about your health concerns and what you can do about it, Professional referral network (Dan’s list), and health oriented products that you will find on my website offer you opportunities to both explore and commit to creating positive growth and well being in the form of improved shape, awareness, vitality, beauty, self image and self love!

This is The Art and Science of Hellerwork Structural Integration.


A world renowned Hellerwork Structural Integration trainer and practitioner with over 40 years of experience, and Senior Training director of the Hellerwork Practitioner Training Program.


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‚ÄúDan Bienenfeld might be the sole person I‚Äôve met who deserves to be called a true healer. His highly intuitive nature coupled with his extensive knowledge of the structure of the human body and the infrastructure of the human psyche, makes anyone who is fortunate enough to have his ridiculously brilliant hands sculpt away the parts that are inhibiting their flow, lucky indeed. He is the body-mind connection incarnate.‚ÄĚ

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