Jun 05, 2023

Fascia is now known as the body’s organ of structure.  It is the connective tissue, which holds the entire body together.  If you took everything in the body away, except for the fascia, we would look almost completely the same….In other words, almost everything in the body is made of, or surrounded by fascia.

Fascia surrounds individual cells, bundles of cells, muscles, muscle groups, bones, organs, nerves….Even the brain and spinal chord….Fascia surrounds everything.

Fascia is connective tissue, biochemically a colloid, or a suspension compound (Jell-O is a colloid).  It is designed to allow movement between structures and preserve the integrity of structures, to allow them to slide and glide, and to protect structures as an insulator and a buffer.

When tension sets into the system, this gel like substance will harden and bond, essentially becoming a glue.  You may remember that in the olden days, they used to boil up animal parts to make glue.  This change in the fluid nature of fascia reduces the space between the cells, which also reduces the ebb and flow of regenerative fluids coming in to the tissue, and reduces the space for the waste products to leave the tissue.

Fascia is found deep within the body, and superficially. Like shrink wrap, fascia connects and surrounds everything and gives us our shape (including our posture in standing, and in movement in general).

The main components of fascia are three types of fibers: 1)Collagen-which supplies tensile strength and support for shape. 1) Reticulum fibers-which supply bonding to hold the cells together. 3) Elastin- which allows stretch and flexibility.

Fascia is stress responsive to the way we use and hold our bodies, and molds and shapes our bodies according to that use.  The body shapes itself into patterns and postures that often create pain, discomfort and rigidity. Joints and organs become compressed, even physical and emotional traumas get tightly locked into tight and compressed fascia. The body can hold onto anything and everything from our past, making it difficult to feel free and open.  This compression takes the body out of balance and alignment.

Consider the world we live in….The pace, the pressures, and the sedentary life most of us lead. Most of our medical problems are due to our relationship with stress, on some level. Our bodies and psyche’s adapt to this stress. Stress from the outside, and pressure on the inside interact with the connective tissues of the body, causing changes in the tissue chemistry and literally the shape of the tissue.

We know how this works when someone trains as a dancer…Their body shape, composition, and fluidity enhances to accomplish the goals of movement. Length and elasticity is created to match the demand. The same occurs with the sedentary lifestyle and pressure riddled lives that many of us have, but not in a positive way….The body tenses, shortens, and rigidifies to match the demand of stress and lack of movement. The body’s connective tissues (fascia) tighten and lose their elasticity.

Remember that fascia is always remodeling itself according to how we use our bodies.  This remodeling is happening- 24/7.

EG. Right now, notice which side of your body you have more weight on.  If you are seated, check your hips to see which side has more weight on it.  You are strengthening and perpetuating your familiar myofascial patterns as we speak.

And…fascia responds to manipulation. With Structural Integration, the practitioner methodically goes through the body to restore length, suppleness and elasticity to the fascial network that runs through the body.  As this happens, the body is intentionally directed to re-align itself with the gravity field.  There are very few practitioners in the world that know how to do this, you could be one of them.  Come and find out how you can learn to create miracles and transform people’s bodies and lives.   It is called Hellerwork Structural Integration

For an amazing career opportunity, come to www.californiaHellerworkInstitute.com       Dan Bienenfeld (c)2010

You must see this new breakthrough information about Fascia!  It’s amazing- if you don’t speak German, I hope you aren’t afraid of a few subtitles…Check it out!
Check out this video on YouTube:


Here is another amazing short video on fascia and how it creates it’s tight hold on us, its called the fuzz speech, check this out:


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