Now Offering Body Mastery Series

Jun 05, 2023

In addition to Align for Life, Dan is now offering the Body Mastery Series. This is a specially structured 10 part series that is designed as E-Books for anyone that wants to create an amazing shift in their relationship with their body.

The Body Mastery System

Life is movement!  Movement is what keeps the body relaxed and youthful. Poor movement habits create tension, pain, stress, anxiety, and poor posture.  Learn how to move to live in harmony with gravity, and to capture the pleasure of living in your body

An amazing educational product that teaches people how to create a healthy relationship with their body.  It is a talking book based on principles from Ida Rolf’s teachings of Structural Integration, combined with Hellerwork Structural Integration principles, yoga, bioenergetics, Physical therapy techniques, and awareness exercises created by Dan Bienenfeld, the author of the system.

The Body Mastery System teaches you to have beautiful posture, great gait, reduced stress and pain, and graceful longevity.

BMS helps the reader completely transform their relationship with their body in the context of daily living.  Through physical exercises,  awareness/meditative exercises and through the study of movement, the reader re-learns to move their body in a way that releases tension, stress, and rigidity, and creates flexibility, fluidity, awareness, and magnificent posture and alignment.  It is the anti-aging insurance policy, as aging (as far as the body is concerned) is the systematic accumulation of tension, stress, and rigidity in the body’s tissues.  Anti-aging is also made possible with the learning of fluid alignment and movement patterns, which nurture and create supple youthful tissues in the body.  BMS creates easy to learn, lifelong healthy habits, which allow you to enjoy your  body for the rest of your life.

Body Mastery System E-book, a nine volume set, is available as a complete set or may be purchased in separate volumes.

Click here to explore the Body mastery System:

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